Thank you for such a great package...contents great...able to do it at my pace around home responsibilities...very economical and practical. Thanks again!

Janis Marconi - PT

  I am working on this home course before the March deadline to renew my KY license. I have not worked in the area of PT for 6 years. No contact hours were required before this renewal. I have debated for 6 months whether this is the time to give up my license. I really don't think that I will work again-2 kids in college-enjoy volunteering and home activities-husband regularly works 70 hour weeks-diagnosed with breast cancer last year but in excellent health now. That is my story in a nutshell. But I didn't want to give up that license yet. Kind of like an old person giving up their drivers license. PT has meant a lot to me over the years-putting my husband thru school and working PRN while the kids were growing up. So, your course fit the bill. I am thoroughly enjoying the 'Pharmacology for Physical Therapist' course. I ordered the mail format because I can't read for long periods on the computer. Maybe I will try that next time. I must finish modules 2 and 3 but looking forward to that in the next week or so. I hope to get an earlier start for the 2009 renewal. Thanks for your help.

Vikki Hast - PT

  This is just what I needed. I got into a bind for time with starting a tDPT program and this very affordable and professional offer came in the mail at the perfect time. To be honest, I thought it was too good to be true and I almost passed it up as possible con, but everything worked just like clockwork. I am set for CEU's for another year with a great resource to refer back to for information on every common drug and their PT implications.

Darrel Thompson - PT

  Brandon and Anne, I was a bit skeptical prior to sending for the Physical Therapy of the Shoulder course, but I had procrastinated too long for my CEU's and needed something 'quick'. What a great surprise when I finished the course... the text was top shelf, the test was challenging but not an over the top grind, and best of all, it was useful and practical. The directions and test format on-line was simple and easy to understand. The immediate feedback was rewarding and convenient. I will indeed recommend your courses to my colleagues. Professionally,

Lance Tarr - PT, DPT, MSPT, MSCH, CSCS

  This was a great place for me to get my CEU's for my license renewal. It was easy to register, upload, and take the exam. The course materials provided a great review and I learned a lot of new things. I took the Orthopedic Physical Assessment: Hip and Ethics courses '" both are great. As a full-time PT and mother of a 3 1/2 year-old (and another on the way), finding the time to actually attend courses is tough - but this was so easy! I will definitely be coming back for more.

Kimberly Brown - PT

  Both Pelvic Girdle Modules were excellent and very practical!! I will use your services again - invaluable. And I will recommend your services to others. Thank you! Sincerely,

Barbara O'Neill - PT

  Brandon and Anne, I am so grateful to have found your courses for my continuing education. Brandon went above and beyond what was required to make sure that I could work on my CE in the most expedited manner and still have the written material that I prefer. Thank you!!! He pointed out that HomeCEUConnection.com is a service company and it was Very Appreciated! The material was very interesting and the exam extremely relevant and well written. I am so pleased to have taken the exam and have an immediate grade and certificate of completion. One cannot compare other courses that require advanced registration or even CE article review that can require 4-6 weeks for grading of the exam. Immediate grading and Certificate of Completion, ease of ordering and access to courses and the excellent service you provide make HomeCEUConnection.com my first choice in Continuing Education. Sincerely,

Rhonda Phillips - OT

  Hi, Thanks for the Pharmacology course. Besides being affordable and easy to obtain it provided a great convenience especially at a time when weekends are a premium. The material was well organized and applicable for PT's. I definitely plan to take other courses that you offer.

Mike Deminski - PT

  HomeCEUConnection.com provided a wonderful opportunity to gain CEU credit in a great environment: my office and my home. The quality of the information in "Pharmacology for Physical Therapists" and "Physical Therapy of the Shoulder" was Excellent. The information stays with me for use later on when needed. The amount of information learned was much greater than attending a course which has a lot of uncontrolled variables to learning. I called with some questions before ordering the course work and I was very satisfied with the help I received. I enjoyed the courses very much.

Jim Robinson - PT

  Hi Anne and Brandon! Thank you for offering "Physical Therapy of the Shoulder". What a great course! I will keep it on my top shelf for frequent reference. Your CEU home study training gave me a chance to get caught up without having to miss work. Although I am not currently practicing physical therapy, I want to keep my certification current, as I may go back to it in the near future. Thank you! Sincerely,

Natasha Nelson - PTA

  Thanks for making this study so easy. I completed the reading and course work for Orthopedic Physical Assessment Module 3 over the weekend. We made a family trip to Louisiana and on our way home; I read and studied while my son and husband drove us home. I was able to see my husband's family and be part of the fun celebration and still get my CEUs done. Thanks again!

Kathy Madden - PT

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Lisa Daum - PT

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Lesley Maguire - PT

  Thanks so much. I enjoyed the Stroke course thoroughly. I also enjoyed doing it from home; at my convenience.

Maria Hughes, OT - OT 

  What a great course ("Physical Rehabilitation in Arthritis")! Study at your own time at home and with your family. I highly recommend this course. Thank You,

Mike Gremminger - PT

  Excellent, Very Informative and Very Affordable! As a Program Manager there's not much time for me to attend regular CEU'S. I would rather stay at home with my children and spend good quality time playing together and enjoying every minute with my loved ones. With HomeCEUConnection.com you can do it on your own time whether you're at home or during your lunch hour. I will definitely highly recommend your courses to all my colleagues and friends who still need CEU hours to be able to renew their licenses on time. Great job to both of you, Brandon and Anne Osborn and God Bless.

Anastacio N. Diaz - PT

  Anne, I just wanted to tell you that you have a phenomenal service. I love the fact that I could do the CEU's on my own schedule and at my own pace from home. The classes are informative, and a great resource for me to have on hand. Great job!

Carrie Pitts - PT

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Sharon Vidovich - PT

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Traci Kenner - PT

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Peggy Baker - PT

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Karen Bennett - PT

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Sherylyn Garth - OTA

  Brandon, I found the course material for 'Texas Ethics and Professional Responsibility' to the best I have had to read for an ethics course. Also having to look over the Texas Board of PT Examiner rules and regulations and APTA Code of Ethics made your course more thorough than the APTA ethics course and prepared me for the jurisprudence test that I will need to take when I send my license renewal form in. The exam was not ambiguous and I could focus on learning something from the course instead of being concerned about my score. I also like the ease of doing the course and the ability to go in and out of the test if I needed to and the length of time you give to take the course, the ease of getting hold of you with any questions, and the ease of printing the certificate including the score. I will certainly tell any other PT's I know that need a course about your courses and if I need another home course I certainly will check out your web site' Thanks again for everything!

Karen King - PT

  This was my first home/on-line course. The 'Pelvic Girdle' content/material was excellent. I'm a runner so I've had injuries and developed some SI/lumbosacral issues so reading the material/exercises has helped. I highly recommend this course.

Lillian Feliciano - PTA

  Anne, I'm so glad to know about your home study courses! Your material is organized and easy to follow on the computer! You are definitely my first choice for home study courses in the future!! Thanks again,

Debbie Woodall - PT

  I truly enjoyed the course. I was familiar with some of the information, but overall I really did learn from the course. I also like the fact that I will be able to use the info immediately at work. Thank You,

Amy Chandarlis - OT

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Cindy Russo - PT

  Very easy, hassle-free CEU's!

Christy Newport - PT

  I Just wanted to write back and thank you both for creating this company! It is a great way to get CEUs under your belt in the comfort of your own home. I would not have known about you guys without the mailer you sent out, so keep that up! Thanks again!

Michelle Ardoin - OT

  The course was informative and provided me with some additional information. I was happy that I could get the hours I needed to complete my CEU's for license renewal in a pinch. Thank You.

Nnenna Agomuo - OT

  My experience was a great one. I will definitely recommend y'all to my friends and colleagues. Thanks for everything.

Kat McClendon, - OT

  I had been reluctant to take a pharmacology course but this was very informative and beneficial. I would recommend it to anyone who has wanted to take a drug course but was afraid to ask !!!!!

Rock King - PT

  Anne, Loved the Pharmacology course. I like the mail format. This will be an excellent reference material. I will definitely plan on taking more courses from you. I like the online test and immediate response. Sincerely,

William J. Adelman - PT

  The Pharmacology course was great!!!! Fantastic case studies. I am looking forward to my next course to start my next 2 yrs. of CEU's. Thank you for the opportunity to do it online, I always get nervous because I'm afraid to do something wrong and loose the info. It worked out very well.

Maricela Olivares Spagon - PT

  Fast, Easy, Reliable. Thanks for making the process of completing CEU's online user friendly!

Sam Padilla - PT

  Hi Brandon, Thank you for being so helpful and quick to respond. You and your company are top-notch -- I will be sure to recommend HomeCEUConnection.com to my PT friends here in Arizona. Thanks again,

Jeff Brady - PT 

  Thank you for an Excellent continuing education experience. The Pharmacology text was very thorough and informative. The course objectives were very well outlined. I was able to do this first Pharmacology Module at home over the course of the weekend, at my own pace. The information was very valuable and appropriate for our profession, plus the added benefit of being able to take the course from my home is GREAT! This last aspect is extremely valuable to me, as time with my family is extremely important. Thank you very much!

Anthony G. Smith - PT

  All of the 'Orthopedic Physical Assessment' information was great. The information given could not have been more thorough. The content was very reader friendly. I will use HomeCEUConnection.com again in the future.

Tasha Taylor - PTA 

  Your Home study courses are great! It really helped me fit the continuing education I need for my Delaware license into my busy schedule! Thanks for providing this service...I'll be using it Every Year!

Pamela Leeson - PTA 

  The process was as smooth as FreeUp! Thanks,

Don Bugnet - PT

  Dear Brandon, Thank you for making the Texas Ethics course readily available for online utilization. It is so wonderfully convenient to access once I lucked into your course! The step by step demonstration of how to effectively utilize your program was most appreciated as I am a novice on the computer. I also valued the tips you provided as to the organizational format and style allowing me to more confidently proceed through the training experience. The training materials were excellent. Keep up the good work. I hope to utilize your services again.

Dale Keyworth - PT

  This course was great for several reasons...one the flexibility and two the material was very thorough and informative. Thanks again,

Wanda Roland - PT

  I was Very pleased with the organization of the Pharmacology course and the course content itself. I will do this again! I think the cost was reasonable as well. I was a little worried about getting all the info including taking the exams on the computer, but it was so easy to follow. Thank you.

Heather Schaper - PT

  Brandon, Thank you so much for ALL of your help with ordering my CEU programs. They arrived 2 days after I ordered them and the testing process was easy to use. I look forward to ordering from you again next time.

Mary Hebert - PT

  Thanks for a great and much needed service. The 2 courses, Physical Rehabilitation in Arthritis Module 1 and Orthopedic Physical Assessment Module 1: Shoulder, I took were excellent... Very informative and easy to understand.

Amelia Arce - OTA

  To HomeCEUConnection.com, I definitely enjoyed the 'Orthopedic Physical Assessment'  courses and will use your services again. I feel that both the Shoulder Module and Hip Module I took make a great clinical reference (testing/exercises etc). Thank you for providing such a convenient and effective service. Sincerely,

Jerry P. Sullivan - PT

  Hi Brandon and Anne, Thank you for offering the opportunity to earn CEU's online. It was very convenient. The material is in depth, and I enjoyed reading through it very much. I have a better understanding of the L-P-S region and a glimpse into Pharmacology now. Overall, it was a quality experience. Thank you again, Regards,

Archana Anant - PT

  Dear Anne and Brandon, Thank you for the recent course on 'Physical Therapy for the Shoulder'. I found that all 3 modules were very helpful clinically, and provided excellent resource material for the future. It was also very convenient not to schedule an out of town trip for the CEU's. Thanks,

Mike Chauveaux - PT

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Tommie DeBerry - PT

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Allison Banca, New Jersey - ATC/LAT

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Stephen Cuthell, Tennessee MT/LMT

  It is very convenient for my life. I'm a wife and mother of two and it helps me balance my life.

Rebecca Robinson, Tennessee MT/LMT

  The website and courses were easy to navigate making it much less stressful to attain last minute credit hours.

Christina Gibbs, Iowa MT/LMT

  Excellent easy to follow presentations......just as if the presenter was visiting in your living room. Thank-you.

Joycelyn Calavano, California SLP

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Elizabeth Neill, Virginia SLP

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Stacey Hiller, Indiana SLP

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Linda Cusmai, Ohio SLP

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Rosellen Sheetz, Texas SLP

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Kimberly Hill, Maryland SLP

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Joseph Gocella, Pennsylvania ATC