Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does your online testing center work?
    After you have purchased a course, a login (your email address) and password will be created for you and sent to you via email. Enter this information in the login field on the homepage. Locate the appropriate course from the drop down menu in your "Course Manager" and select “Exam”. When you have completed the exam, select "Submit Exam for Grading". The system will automatically grade your test and generate your course certificate. PLEASE NOTE: All webinar exams must be completed by midnight Central Time of the day of the broadcast.
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  2. How and when do I get my certificate after taking the test?
    After you have successfully achieved a passing score of 70% or more on your exam, a course certificate will be generated and available for you to print instantly or send to your email inbox.

    The test will need to be taken until a passing score has been achieved. Questions that were answered incorrectly in previous attempts will be listed for you, so you can go back and correct your answers and resubmit your exam. You may resubmit your exam as many times as you need in order to pass the exam.
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  3. What format do you use for your text courses?
    The courses are available in online format (PDF download available instantly), or mail format (hard copy via mail).
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  4. Is this site secure?
    Security is important to you on our site when you give us personal and billing information. It's equally important to us as well. Our site is secure, which you can identify by the small yellow padlock or key on the lower browser bar. You will also notice the address bar will change from http:// to https://, the S, indicates you're on a secure site. Our software will encrypt data on the secure pages so that it is safe from prying eyes. We have partnered with to process all payments.

    Your information is for our records only and will remain confidential. will not sell, rent or knowingly release any of your information for any purpose, unless required by law or the accrediting body for the discipline you specify in the registration process.
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  5. What shipping options do I have?
    We offer 3 shipping options for mail order courses:

        Fedex Ground: 3-6 Business Days ($10.95).
        Fedex Express Saver : 3 Business Days ($18.95).
        Fedex 2 Day: 2 Business Days ($35.95).

        (Please note: Orders placed after 3pm CT will be processed the next business day.
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  6. Is next day delivery available when I order courses?
    We are no longer offering overnight delivery on mail orders. Please select the Fedex 2 day option for the quickest delivery time.
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  7. How will I know if you received my order?
    If you place an order online, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation, your order was not processed. Please call our office to verify that all of your information is correct. If you placed your order by fax or mail you can call us at 1.800.55.4CEUS (2387) to confirm that we received your order.
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  8. May two people order one course and take the test?
    Yes, more than one person can take the same course through our Share-A-Course program. For each additional person that wants to take the same course, the charge is $10 per contact hour per person for a text based course, and $20 per contact hour per video based course. Their examination will be available in our online testing center. We will need each individual’s full name, address, city, state, zip, email address, phone number, license number, type of license, state of license and license expiration date. Share-A-Course orders must be placed over the phone. Please call us at 1.800.55.4CEUS (2387) to order.
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  9. May I take a course if I am in one of the states where you do not offer courses?
    Yes, we have many therapists who take courses from states were we do not specifically offer courses. In this case, the state has a process where the individual therapist may seek approval. You should check with your state board and or association to see what the process is in your own state.
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  10. What if I lose my certificate?
    Your certificate will always be available in your Course Manager. Log in with your username and password to the "Member Login" and select the course from the "Course Manager" drop down menu. Click on “View/Download Certificate” in your course manager to view your certificate. You may then print and/or save the course certificate to your computer or send it to your email.
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  11. I don't see my state listed as an accredited agency for a course I would like to take. How do I get the documents I need to get credit for this course?
    Some states have reciprocity wherein they will honor the approval of another state's licensing board or association. If your state will not do this, please email us and request the author’s bio and/or curriculum vitae. The combination of your certificate, the author's bio and/or curriculum vitae, the learner objectives and course goals is almost always enough for a state to provide you with continuing education credit for the course. Please check with your state board or state association for your state specific requirements.

    Our unconditional guarantee: if your state will not accept the documentation from one of our courses, simply fax (800.839.0823) or mail us a copy of the rejection letter. We will gladly send you another course at no charge or we will refund your payment.
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  12. How much time do I have to take the course?
    You have 1 year from date of purchase, OR date of the courses approval expiration whichever comes first. Please review the approval information for your state and license type. If you need an extension or if you run into a problem please contact Anne Osborn at PLEASE NOTE: All webinar exams must be completed by midnight Central Time of the day of the broadcast.
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  13. Does report my continuing education to my professional association or state board?
    Some accrediting bodies require that we send reports on individual learners, listing unique identifiers, test scores, hours taken, etc. Other accrediting agencies require the student to keep their continuing education data themselves, and only spot check on random audits for actual course completion.
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  14. How do I report factual errors in a lesson or exam?
    We appreciate knowing what's wrong or what's not working with a course. Send an e-mail to Anne Osborn at Someone will follow up with the author to ensure the error is corrected.
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  15. Which web browser will give me optimal performance?
    Our site is compatible with most web browsers. Here's a short list: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and many Smartphone browsers. If you have any compatibility problems contact
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  16. What if I can't read the PDF file I downloaded?
    Click here to download the latest Adobe Acrobat software.
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  17. How are these courses accredited for physical therapists?
    In the states that require approval for physical therapy continuing education, either the state licensing board or state association handles this process. For example, in the state of Texas, the Texas Physical Therapy Association handles the continuing education approval process. However, in New Mexico, the state licensing board for physical therapists handles the continuing education approval process.
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  18. Why does it say, "courses approved" for some states and not for others?
    Most states have an approval process for their continuing education requirements, however some states either do not have an approval process or approve by reciprocity (accept courses approved by other states or regulating bodies).

    In states where there is an approval process, submits an application to either the state licensing board or association. The state licensing board or association then reviews the course and grants or denies approval.

    Some states require reciprocal approval of continuing education courses, like Alaska. Reciprocal approval means that when a course is approved by another state licensing board or association, the course is automatically approved by reciprocity in that state.
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  19. Are your courses considered home study or interactive for Florida OTs and OTAs?
    Until March 1st, 2015 all of our courses are considered 'interactive' by the Florida OT Board since they include the ability to communicate with the instructor. After March 1st, 2015, our Seminar-On-Demand® and text courses will be classified as 'home study', only our live webinars will be counted as interactive. After March 1st, 2015, you may complete up to 12 hours of non-interactive (home study) courses, the remainder must be real-time interactive courses, which can include webinars.
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  20. What is the difference between online format and mail format?
    Our online format is available to you instantly after you make your purchase. This option allows you to print and/or download our courses to your computer immediately. Text courses are in PDF format which can be downloaded and printed. Online Seminar-On-Demand® courses are viewed streaming by clicking a link. Our online format offers the ultimate in convenience and saves you time and money.

    Our mail format allows you to obtain a hard copy of the course materials. Text courses are sent in a booklet form. Seminar-On-Demand® courses are sent as a DVD-ROM. NOTE: DVD-ROMs can only be viewed on a computer or laptop. They are NOT compatible with standard DVD players.

    When you choose this format, we will rush you your materials the next business day via Fedex Ground, Fedex Express Saver, or Fedex 2 Day.

    Course exams may be completed in our online testing center, by fax or by mail for both the online and mail format.
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  21. What is a module?
    Most of our courses are broken down into smaller courses called "Modules" which can be 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12 contact hours each. Each module may be purchased separately or combined with one or all of the other modules as a bundle pack, depending on your continuing education needs. A separate certificate of completion is awarded for each module that is completed.
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  22. What is a "bundle pack"?
    A "bundle pack" allows you to combine multiple modules (see: "What is a module?") from the same course and reduces the cost per contact hour. This also allows you to take care of all your continuing education needs with one course instead of having to take multiple courses. Bundle packs range in size from 4 hours to 60 hours.
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  23. What is a package?
    Packages allow you to combine text, video (and sometimes webinar) courses into a customized bundle for a reduced price.
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  24. What is Share-A-Course?
    Share-A-Course allows you to share a course with a friend at a flat rate of $10 per contact hour minus $3 for text based courses and $20 per contact hour minus $3 for video based courses. This saves both you and your friend money. For example, if you purchase a 10 contact hour electronic text based course for $153 and your friend wants to share the course, the cost of the shared course would be $97, averaging out to $125 each. If you share it with 2 people this will reduce your cost to $116 each. One set of course materials is given to the entire group to share, but each person will have access to their own exam and, upon successful completion, their own course certificate. There is no limit to the number of people who can share a course. To place a Share-A-Course order call us at 1.800.55.4CEUS (2387) with each persons full name, address, city, state, zip, email address, phone number, license number, type of license, and state of license.
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  25. How does your Refer-A-Friend program work?
    Refer-A-Friend allows us to compensate you for referring your friends to us and allows us to help you pay for your continuing education. We pay 15% of the gross sales price on any purchase made by a new customer you refer to Make sure your friend mentions your name when placing their order.

    Why do we do this? It's our way of saying thanks for the referral and it helps you pay for your continuing education.
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  26. If I'm unhappy with my purchase, or wish to return a course what are my options?
    For activity cancellation, returns or complaint resolution, please contact Anne Osborn by email:; or by phone: 1.800.55.4CEUS (2387). We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee; Refunds will be issued for courses that have not been completed (exam not taken), or for any course that has been rejected by your board of approval. Webinar attendance must be cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled start time.
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  27. What is's disclosure policy?
    It is's policy to disclose any proprietary interests the provider or instructor has in a product or service or used as part of a CE activity.
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  28. What is's ADA policy?
    If you require ADA accommodations, please contact by email:; or by phone 1.800.55.4CEUS (2387), so arrangements can be made.
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  29. What format will my Seminar-On-Demand® (SOD) course(s) be in?
    Seminar-On-Demand® course are streamed on your web browser if the online version if purchased.  If the mail order version is purchased, your Seminar-On-Demand® will be sent to you on a DVD-ROM that can be played on your computer or laptop. Our SODs are optimized for Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

    NOTE: DVD-ROMS can not be played in a standard DVD player. They must be viewed on a computer or laptop.
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  30. Can you show what a Seminar-On-Demand® course looks like?
    Click here for a short vignette of what a Seminar-On-Demand® will look like. Samples are also available on most course description pages as well.
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  31. Do I have to have special software to view the Seminar-On-Demand® course?
    No you do not have to have special software installed. Please click here for a short system test video. You should both see and hear the presenter. If you do not, please call us at 1.800.554.2387 for assistance.
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  32. Is there another way for me to obtain the video course?
    Absolutely, you may upgrade to the mail version of the course when you place your order online or by phone, fax or mail. Your course will ship the next business day via Fedex depending on the method you select when you make your purchase. You will receive a DVD-ROM that you may view on your computer (not on standard DVD players) along with the course instructions, objectives and exam. You will be able to directly access the course from the DVD-ROM without accessing the Internet. NOTE: Your DVD-ROM will still open on a web browser, but no Internet connectivity is required.
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  33. How do I receive my certificate if I take the Seminar-On-Demand® course?
    You may complete the exam that is included with each course as you are going through the course material and then submit your answers via our online testing center. Your test will be graded instantly and a course certificate will be generated instantly for you to print. You may also submit your exam via fax or mail. These certificates will be faxed or mailed to you separately. Step by step instructions will be included with your course material. Please read the "Steps To Complete This Course" before you begin your course for detailed steps.
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  34. How do you recommend listening to the video presentation?
    We recommend the use of headphones or ear buds to optimize sound quality. Regular computer speakers are the next best choice.
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  35. How long will I have access to the video course through your website, and do I have to go online every time I need to access it?
    You have up to one year to complete your course. If you purchase the online version, you must have an active Internet connection to view your course. If you purchase the mail version, you will receive a DVD-ROM with the course on it that can be viewed without an active Internet connection.
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  36. Which Approval Agency has approved your courses for the California Physical Therapy Board? is an approval agency for the California Physical Therapy Board. When entering this number to submit courses for your renewal, omit all dashes and spaces.
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  37. What is your Texas Physical Therapy Board Approved Provider number?
    We are classified as an approved provider by the Texas Physical Therapy Board. Our Approved Provider number is 1601002.
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  38. What is a webinar?
    A webinar is LIVE audio and video course delivered over the Internet to your computer. With a HomeCEU webinar, you are able to see and hear the course presenter. In many courses, demonstrative video will be used to further enhance your learning experience. All content used in the presentation will also be made available to you for your personal use (PowerPoint Slides, Reference Materials etc.).
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  39. What time do your webinars take place?
    All HomeCEU webinars take place in Eastern Time. Be sure to adjust for your particular time zone when purchasing a webinar. []
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  40. What will I need for the live webinar?
    - Computer with Speakers
    - High Speed Internet Connection
    - Our site is compatible with these web browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox
    - Your User Name/Password from*

    *If you do not know your log-in details, visit From the homepage select either "Forgot your password" or "Forgot your login". Complete the steps as indicated and your login information will be emailed to you.
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  41. Can I test my computer and watch a sample of what a HomeCEU webinar will look like?
    Yes, and it is highly encouraged. The video link below will allow you to test your computer to make certain you are all set in advance for the webinar.
    NOTE: Our site is compatible with most web browsers. Here's a short list: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and many Smartphone browsers.
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  42. How do I view the webinar on the actual day/time it is LIVE?
    24 hours prior to the start of your webinar your Course Manual (i.e. course instructions, objectives, and a copy of the slides to be used during the live webinar) will be available for download.  Prior to the start of the webinar, we encourage you to test your system for webinar readiness with the system test video found here:

    To view the Webinar:
    1. Visit; from the homepage, under Member Login type the username and password* provided to you in your receipt (your password is case sensitive).
    2. Once you have logged in, you are directed to the Course Manager. From there, scroll to the course name of the Webinar you wish to complete.
    3. To Access Your Course Manual - Under "Course Materials": click on the "Download" link next to “Course Manual”.
    4. To View Your Webinar - In the course information section, locate the Course Video and click the “Watch presentation” link.
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  43. How do I take my exam after the webinar is over?
    At the conclusion of each webinar, we will provide instructions on accessing the Course Manager section of the system to allow you to quickly access your exam. You must participate in the full length of the webinar to receive credit. PLEASE NOTE: All webinar exams MUST be completed by midnight Central Time on the day of the broadcast.
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  44. Will provide a certificate for my participation?
    Yes. Following the completion of the exam, a copy of your certificate will be displayed on your screen at which time you can print the certificate. Additionally, your certificate will automatically be emailed to the address on file with Special arrangements can be made if a hard copy certificate is required by mail.
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  45. Can I cancel my webinar registration?
    If you are unable to attend a webinar, you must do so 24 hours prior to the event in order to receive a full refund. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior will not provide a refund, but rather a credit will be issued in the form CEUs to be chosen from the Library. To cancel 24 hours or more prior to a webinar, simply call 800.554.2387 and let the customer service representative know of your need to cancel. Be prepared to reference the webinar title, date, and time.
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  46. During a webinar, I can't hear the presenter very well. What can I do?
    Please test your computer and computer speakers at least one hour before the webinar to make sure everything is functioning properly. Make sure the volume setting is turned up and not muted.

    An instructional video tutorial is available to give you an idea of what to expect when attending a webinar.

    Our staff will do everything we can to eliminate technical difficulties within our control.
    Please call us at 1.800.554.2387 for support.

    Refunds will not be issued for technical issues unless they affect the entire participant group.
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  47. Are there any additional webinars that will be scheduled with
    Yes, the webinar schedule is continuously updated throughout the year. If there is a specific topic that you would be interested in seeing developed into a webinar, please email us at and let us know your thoughts.
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  48. How do I register my ASHA CEs?
    When you receive your receipt in the mail you will receive an ASHA participation form. There is also one available in your course manager for downloading. You may also download this form from ASHA directly here. At the end of the month the ASHA CE Administrator will email you a reminder and an additional instructions. Please complete this form and return by the deadline indicated in order to have your CE registered with ASHA.
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  49. I'm a Texas Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapist Assistant - how do I know if my course is Category 1 or Category 2?
    The Texas Board of Occupational Therapy has a Decision Tree that can help you determine which category you fall into. Click here to get started.
    Please note: is not responsible for the development or use of this tool. If you have detailed and specific questions about your respective category we recommend that you contact the Texas Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners at 512.303.6900
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  50. I recently received a mailer for New Jersey Massage Therapists, which indicated I could complete all required hours online. Is this still correct?
    No, on September 4, 2012 the New Jersey Massage, Bodywork and Somatic Therapy Examining Committee published a new rule, which changed the number of online education hours massage therapists can complete. To learn more about this rule visit the New Jersey Board of Massage and Body Work's website. The rule can be found in Subchapter 4. Continuing Education 13:37A-4.1(c).
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  51. How many continuing education hours can New Jersey Massage Therapists claim on-line (internet) or through DVDs for license renewal?
    A licensee who is licensed in the second year of a biennial renewal period shall be required to complete 10 credit hours of continuing education, of which at least two hours shall be in ethics. Per rules published on September 4, 2012 a New Jersey message therapist licensee "shall be limited to completing a total of six credit hours through courses presented on-line or through DVDs”. 
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  52. Is an Alabama Massage Therapy Approved Provider?
    We are an NCBTMB approved provider. We are pending approval as an Alabama Massage Therapy Approved provider.
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  53. Is an NCBTMB approved provider?
    Yes. Our approved provider number is 451771-11.
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  54. How do you disclose potential conflicts of interest / content bias?
    Each course lists any potential conflicts of interest on the course details page. You can also view conflict of interest form within the course manual for each individual course. safeguards against potential conflicts of interest and strictly prohibits the promotion of products and services within course material. 
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  55. What is your policy on bias and cultural sensitivity? safeguards against potential bias / cultural insensitivity and strictly prohibits the insensitive language within course material. 
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  56. Why are there so few Florida PT and PTA courses on your website?
    The Florida Physical Therapy Board recently made sweeping changes to their approval rules for CEs, requiring that all providers submit courses individually to the Florida Physical Therapy Association. Due to the the new process for submitting courses for approval to the FPTA, we are submitting a limited number of home-study courses, and will have a robust schedule of live interactive webinars available beginning in June of 2015.
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