Effective Interprofessional Protocols for a Rehab Dining Program


Course Description

Course Description:

Rehab dining programs in the long-term care setting are critical for assuring all residents receive the clinical attention needed to address a variety of deficits and ensure residents' nutritional needs are met. Dining programs prevent further declines in function and help to meet the multiple compliance requirements from a regulatory standpoint. Yet even when the team works to develop a rehab dining program, there are multiple challenges that are often met along the way. While each community or facility will have their own unique variables, certain challenges are frequently inevitable; without a plan to address these challenges, the best intentions may lead to failure or to less than ideal results.

This course addresses the clinical and regulatory components that should be included in a rehab dining program with multiple factors considered. Eight common challenges will be addressed to include the recommended solutions for each. With such initiatives in place, the interprofessional teamwork will be set to achieve success.

Contact Hours: 4
Video Course Format: Video
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Instructional Level: Intermediate