The Significance of Oral Care and Assessment for Clinical Outcomes


Course Description

Course Description:

What is the significance or oral care? The mouth has often been referred to as "The window to overall health", and thus, an assessment and subsequent analysis of the oral structures and function is paramount for nurses, dietitians, therapists, and other health practitioners. Poor oral hygiene increases the risk of several disease processes. Many medications contribute to the xerostomia (dry mouth) which leads to increased oral bacteria, malnutrition and swallowing disorders. And, the oral microbiota is one of the most complex microbial communities in the human body; therefore, it is important to understand how the oral microorganisms enter the downstream digestive tract from the oral cavity through saliva, and how they present a particularly close relationship with digestive diseases and other systemic disorders.

This course provides a comprehensive look into the structures, functions, and abnormalities of the oral cavity, which relates to the significance of other symptoms and disorders, including many types of systemic disease, malnutrition, cognitive deficits, and complications with comorbidities. Once all factors are presented, recommendations are then made to assist the healthcare professional with the oral assessment process and with the implementation of an oral hygiene program.

Contact Hours: 3
Video Course Format: Video
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Instructional Level: Intermediate