Connective Tissue Disorders of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS)


Course Description

Course Description:

For many years, the group of genetic connective tissue disorders of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS) has been considered a “rare” group of disorders. While some of the specific classifications may be rare in presentation, we now understand the group of diagnoses as a whole is not as rare as we once thought. EDS is often misdiagnosed and poorly understood in the medical field. With this poor understanding, the patient is unable to get the wholistic care required for the many systems involved to ensure a better prognosis. Being able to recognize, understand the complexity, and have a conversation with the patient on treatment strategies can help improve quality of life significantly for these individuals.

In this course, you will be provided with the general presentation of the connection tissue disorder along with the genetic background before diving into each specific form of the disorder. You will also learn the prevalence, presentation, clinical diagnostic criteria that leads to testing, and recommended treatment strategies specific to each type of EDS. You will be able to recognize, appropriately refer out, and offer a grounded relationship with your patient to build a confident treatment plan.

Contact Hours: 5
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Advanced BOC Level of Difficulty: Advanced