Effective Shoulder Examination and Treatment


Course Description

Course Description:

There are numerous shoulder courses out there in the world of continuing education. The majority of these courses focus on the medical model diagnosis and condition specific. This approach does not take in consideration the growing evidence that a MULTI MODEL APPROACH which combines MANUAL THERAPY AND CORRECTIVE EXERCISE is the MOST EFFECTIVE method in addressing shoulder pain and dysfunction. By following the MULTI MODEL APPROACH the clinician can more efficiently address a patient’s impairments in a manner that expedites the rehabilitation process. This method of shoulder rehab is also more effective in today’s healthcare environment where overall costs and utilization of services are constantly being measured.

By participating in this course, the learner will gain evidence-based knowledge on cutting edge MANUAL THERAPY TECHNIQUES that can be used the very next day in practice! This course is LOADED WITH LAB MANUAL THERAPY VIDEOS as well as gaining the knowledge of the latest evidence-based research on ADHESIVE CAPSULITIS, ROTATOR CUFF SURGERY AND SHOULDER ARTHROPLASTY!

Contact Hours: 5
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate