Stretch Your Clients!


Course Description

Course Description:

Postural issues are the root cause of most chronic muscular/skeletal conditions. Muscles that are locked short (hyper-tonic muscles) are a principal factor in these conditions. Your clients may be trying to correct their posture, but muscles with short resting lengths are impeding their efforts. When a muscle is injured, its resting length shortens. Failure to integrate skilled stretching results in continued joint compression, re-injury and frustration.

This course focuses on a part of massage therapy that is frequently left out – the table stretches that are an integral part of rehabilitative and Swedish massage. Skilled stretching techniques re-educate muscles and restore healthy resting lengths, as well as add variety to a bodywork session. With proper body mechanics, stretching is easy on the therapist’s body and decreases strain on the hands. Stretching also adds an element of expansion into a bodywork session for both the therapist and the client. When we’re stretched we feel longer, wider, more alive. This course is a must for any therapist interested in helping their clients attain a more relaxed, injury-free state.

Contact Hours: 3
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate