Dyslexia and the Brain: Implications for Clinical Practice


Course Description

Course Description:

One in five students have a language-based learning disability, dyslexia being the most common. Less than one third of children with reading disabilities are receiving school services, despite the fact that they have the intellectual capacity to thrive. Many of the most trained school professionals involved in the referral, remediation, and intervention process are misinformed or uninformed about Dyslexia, Healthcare professionals can make a huge impact on the success of students with Dyslexia but feel ill equipped and uneducated about the disorder. To address the needs of individuals with Dyslexia and reduce the learning problems before they manifest and widen, healthcare professionals need a deeper understanding of Dyslexia and its coexisting conditions. Using the latest evidence-based practices, case histories and research, this course aims to equip the healthcare professional with an arsenal of tools necessary to feel confident in playing a key role in early identification and intervention. Furthermore, healthcare professionals will learn a fresh new approach to articulation, auditory processing and executive function intervention that will be beneficial for students with language based learning disabilities.


Contact Hours: 3
Video Course Format: Video
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Instructional Level: Beginner