Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Module 2: The Lower Extremity


Course Description

Course Description:

This is an incredible book that has several attributes that make it a valuable addition to the practice of physical therapists, hand therapists, and orthopedic practitioners of any level: student, resident, or surgeon in practice. One important quality of this book is that for each area of the body it has a concise and informative summary of the most common conditions and injuries that affect that area. This assures that everyone in the team treating the patient has as much knowledge as possible about the injury and the rationale for the treatment and rehabilitation. Each chapter provides rehabilitation protocols for the injuries discussed in the chapter so that the rationale of the protocol is provided and readily available. The information has been updated and provides the latest and most up-to-date approach to clinical orthopedic rehabilitation. 

Contact Hours: 10
Text Course Format: Text
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Instructional Level: Intermediate