Musculoskeletal Examination and Assessment Module 5: The Upper Extremity


Course Description

Course Description:

This new edition has been significantly updated and benefited from being co-edited with Dionne Ryder. There are nine new contributors to this edition, with only ourselves, Linda Exelby, Colette Ridehalgh and Kieran Barnard from the previous edition and this provides the opportunity to gain fresh perspectives. Each chapter reflects contemporary practice with the addition of new examination and assessment processes and removal of outdated ones. All the contributors have significant experience in managing patients with musculoskeletal conditions and have drawn from their own clinical and academic backgrounds to provide a logical and reasoned approach to examination. We are grateful, not only for the valuable input each contributor has made to the text, but also for their energy and enthusiasm in completing the job under tight timescales.  

Thanks must go to Elsevier and, in particular, Rita Demetriou-Swanwick, Sally Davies and Nicola Lally for their guidance and support throughout the publishing process. 

The overall aim of the book is to provide a clear and accessible guide to musculoskeletal examination and assessment for pre-registration students. The skills required of the clinician are to work alongside another person and facilitate his or her rehabilitation. When successful, it can bring immense satisfaction and reward; however success is not always easy to achieve with the inherent uncertainty of clinical practice. Each person is a unique blend of physical being, intellect, will, emotion and spirit, living within, and being influenced by, a social and cultural world. Rehabilitation is thus a complex process and requires high levels of  clinical expertise. This text aims to provide a comprehensive step-by-step approach to the technical skills and clinical reasoning involved in the examination and assessment of people with musculoskeletal conditions. 

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