Oh My Aching Scar: Scar Tissue Pain


Course Description

Course Description:

Scars have special consequence on the body. Scars restrict mobility, pull on fascia and negatively influence the body in many ways which can create pain no matter the age of the scar.

Chronic pain has been difficult to diagnose and treat for health care professionals. In North America, millions of scars produced through surgery, injury or insult  are combined with patient traumas, represents a pre-existing pool of clients and patients with stress and pain within the general population.

Oh My Aching Scar: Scars and Pain will help to explain the relationship of scar formation and pain along with the causation of symptoms for the scar tissue population. The hows and whys will be explored for both internal and external causes with up to date research, video presentations from experts in the field.

Contact Hours: 2
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate BOC Level of Difficulty: Advanced