THE BALANCED BODY: A Guide to the Integrated Deep Tissue Therapy System


Course Description

The Balanced Body: A Guide to the Integrated Deep Tissue Therapy System is a comprehensive course in massage from a background of structural integration and neuromuscular therapy. It contains all the elements necessary for a student to become competent in performing this outcome-oriented approach to whole-body function and efficiency.

Many styles of massage have been categorized as “deep tissue” therapy, although the work does not necessarily involve heavy pressure, and it definitely need not be painful. In the context of this text, “deep tissue therapy” refers to a focused approach to accessing structures that are not always on the surface, which allows for the manual alteration of muscular, fascial, and skeletal relationships. This can produce dramatic changes in the efficiency of structural alignment, a reduction of unnecessary muscular tension, and profound changes in a person’s physical experience.

The approach presented in this book evolved initially from concepts introduced during Scheumann’s training in massage therapy at the Atlanta School of Massage more than 30 years ago. The first edition was written in 1997 as the primary textbook for the deep tissue course taught there. Scheumann continued to develop the book through two more editions before his passing in 2006.

The creation of this fourth edition is undertaken with great respect for the author’s original vision and intent, and with enthusiasm for incorporating into his work the advances made in massage therapy from the last decade. It is our hope that new generations of massage therapists may benefit from Scheumann’s inspiration, and that his followers and former students and colleagues will find new life in his ideas with this edition.

Contact Hours: 10
Text Course Format: Text
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate BOC Level of Difficulty: Advanced