Home Modification for Aging and Disabilities: Assessments, Resources, and Accessibility Tools


Course Description

This course will be a comprehensive introduction to accessibility consulting designed to enable you to specialize in assessing for home safety and modifications. Gain knowledge of the professional assessments, instruments, tools, and resources available to Become an Accessibility Consultant Specializing in Home Modifications. Learn to access, compare, and use them in your practice to develop a system for performing effective home accessibility assessments.

Perform assessments and provide resources for your clients of any age, with issues related to aging or living with a disability, to maximize their functional independence, reduce falls, and promote a safe, comfortable and accessible environment within their home.

Create value in your services as an accessibility specialist by providing your clients with information, tools, and techniques to support their goals of living with minimal reliance on others and maximum participation in meaningful activities.

Gain specialized knowledge and skills to enable you to create a safe and comfortable environment for your clients, promoting improved function and accessibility within safe and accessible living environments. Accessibility consultation and home modifications is an emerging niche (growing specialty, emerging practice) for therapists. The course is appropriate for the health care professional who is interested in seeking additional information to build on their knowledge base to become an accessibility consultant specializing in home modifications

This course will provide you with the common language and specialized knowledge and skills needed regarding home modifications and livable design as well as resources to advise and work as a team with clients, their caregivers and families as well as other professionals.

This course will provide you with the resources to select and utilize assessments for your clients which can most effectively promote their safety, independence and quality of life.

Contact Hours: 6
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Beginner