Sleep Recommendations for Competitive Athletes


Course Description

Course Description:

Sleep has many physiological and cognitive functions that may be important to elite athletes (Halson, 2014). Detrimental effects due to sleep deprivation can lead to decline in aerobic and anaerobic processes as well as affecting fatigue and recovery (Davenne, 2009).  Athletes at various levels may encounter many obstacles to normal sleeping patterns including travel, irregular schedules, foreign environments, and high levels of anxiety (Davenne, 2009). Due to these obstacles and significant implications, certified athletic trainers and other health care professionals would benefit from developing a strong foundation regarding sleep habits to educate elite athletes on proper sleep habits at various levels of competition.  Athletic trainers may be the most accessible health care provider and primary resource for many elite athletes.

Lecture format will be implemented to achieve the objectives pertaining to sleep and athletes. The instructor will provide an overarching review of the literature as it pertains to sleep and athletes. The participants will be able to assess their own practice and make immediate recommendations to athletes and staff members regarding the sleep habits of competitive athletes.


Contact Hours: 2
Video Course Format: Video
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Instructional Level: Intermediate BOC Level of Difficulty: Advanced