Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice


Course Description

Course Description:

As evidence-based practice continues to inundate the medical professions, it is essential that health care professionals be able to understand each step within the process while performing these steps effectively and efficiently in the appropriate order. This course will strive to define the components of EBP while identifying barriers that may impede the implementation of this process. In addition, the development and formation of PICOT questions will be discussed in detail to allow for clinicians to independently implement the EBP process.

As evidence-based requirements have been implemented for the next reporting cycle by the Board of Certification (BOC), it is imperative for all certified athletic trainers to recognize and understand the basic components of evidence-based process prior to partaking in continuing education courses or implementing into daily practice. This module will discuss key principles and the importance of evidence-based practices within the practice of sports medicine.  In this course, lecture will be implemented to achieve the stated objectives within this course.


Contact Hours: 2
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate BOC Level of Difficulty: Advanced