Interprofessional Collaboration and Communication Between Healthcare Directors


Course Description

Course Description:

While optimal communication systems are critical to achieving the goals of any skilled nursing facility or hospital, healthcare administrators and department heads often share frustrations about actually accomplishing this need.  While each leader may be very talented in their own field, they are often challenged when communication systems with other departments are ineffective.  Likewise, when clear and objective communication between the administrator and each of his/her department heads is not in place, company goals and systems will be directly affected.  Systems and protocols could fail, to result in decreased staff engagement and a negative impact to patient care.

This course addresses realistic communication conflicts and barriers that often occur amongst administration and department directors.  The course attendee will most likely relate to the example scenarios shared by actual healthcare leaders who were interviewed to share their feedback for this course.  Solutions will be provided based on research and practical suggestions from successful healthcare leaders, to empower course attendees with tools for the most effective communication systems with their colleagues. 

Contact Hours: 3
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate