Cardiopulmonary Patient Care – Rehabilitation Assessment & Interventions


Course Description

Course Description:

Health care professionals who work anywhere in the spectrum from acute care all the way to out-patient will encounter patients with a wide variety of cardiac and pulmonary conditions.  The assessment of these patients is essential as it drives the entire treatment plan moving forward.  Therefore, all health care providers need to be proficient in patient assessment, in identifying cardiopulmonary risk factors, and in interventions. 

This course will examine methods of preventing cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases in those that are considered high risk.  This is an essential role that all health care providers should be a part of.  Then the course will look at how other specific diseases impact the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, such as kidney failure and cancer treatment.  In order to provide thorough care to these patients this understanding is essential.  The course will also look at specific outcome measures that are evidence based and can be used to drive cardiopulmonary patient assessment and treatment.  Lastly, specific acute care treatment interventions will be discussed.

Contact Hours: 3
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate