The Pediatric OT Primer


Course Description

Course Description:

Pediatric occupational therapists are in demand! If you are a new OT or a veteran clinician wanting to move into the field of pediatric therapy, this course is for you. The Pediatric OT Primer Course covers all of the information you need to begin a successful transition into school and clinic settings. We review assessments, prevalent disabilities seen in the pediatric field, and changes to the diagnosis of autism.

Sensory processing disorders will be discussed at length and advances in the field are discussed. Hundreds of treatment strategies which help children with sensory difficulties are provided. One of the biggest concerns of pediatric OTs, behavior verses sensory meltdowns will be explained at length. Attendees will learn treatment strategies to assist students with sensory and behavior concerns.

You'll leave this course with treatment strategies, goal setting, transitions, accommodations, and modifications that you'll be able to use immediately. Best of all, techniques discussed and taught in the Pediatric OT Primer course are based on the newest research available.

Contact Hours: 3
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate