Touch Therapy: An Introduction to Infant Massage


Course Description

This course will teach the importance of touch therapy and how babies benefit through this form of loving communication.  The instructor will introduce both parents and professionals to the health advantages and improved brain development that has been contributed to infant massage. A history of infant massage will be presented, with pioneers of infant massage -both in the United States and globally - will also be introduced.  Discussion will include how to read baby's cues that will help parents assist their baby into the most optimal state to receive massage.  The instructor will demonstrate body strokes and the purpose of each, whether to stimulate or relax, or to ease “tummy troubles” such as gas, colic, and constipation.   The discussion will also include infant massage for the special needs baby or baby in the NICU.  Note:  This course is not a certification course. Those interested in teaching infant massage or working in the NICU should continue to a certification course.  

This Seminar-on-Demand is 8 contact hours in length (check your state’s approval status in the state specific course catalog for your profession)

Contact Hours: 8
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate