Dysphagia and Reflux Disease from the Waist up: Treating Digestive, Respiratory, Swallowing and Voice Issues


Course Description

The relationship of reflux to dysphagia, breathing abnormalities, and vocal dysfunction are perplexing and complex. This course helps healthcare professionals gain a keen working knowledge of this relationship, along with its diagnostic and therapeutic implications.

The course takes the professional out of the realm of traditional dysphagia therapy and into the realm of therapeutic management of the esophagus, oral cavity, nasal sinus region, larynx, and respiratory function. Healthcare professionals will walk away with therapy goals, strategies, and techniques to deal with all aspects of this triad region. Patients in their care will benefit from this interdisciplinary approach, as the professionals breadth of vision will protect patients in a more holistic manner rather than tunnel vision traditional swallowing therapy only.

This Seminar-on-Demand is 2 contact hours in length (check your state’s approval status in the state specific course catalog for your profession).

Contact Hours: 2
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate