Dynamic Splint and Static Progressive Splint for Improved Recovery


Course Description

Course Description:

This course prepares the clinician to fabricate well-designed, well-fitting static progressive and dynamic splints to mobilize stiff joints and elongate contracted soft tissues of the hands. Theory of tissue remodeling and mechanical principles of splint design are presented. Selection of materials and conditions for which to fabricate the demonstrated splints are discussed. Design of splint patterns and fabrication of 5 splints to address common problems are demonstrated. Alternative designs and hardware are presented.

Following the broadcast, participants will have access to the recorded course video. They may choose to view the video where they have access to a splinting workstation, or view it at home, where they have access to a splinting pan or conventional electric skillet that can be used for splint fabrication. After demonstration of each splint, registrants may pause the video version and fabricate the splint on their own, then resume the video. Custom modifications to meet individual patient needs are discussed.

Contact Hours: 4
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate