Evidence for Co-Treatments To Improve Outcomes


Course Description

Course Description:

Therapists often find that interdisciplinary co-treatments between Physical Therapists (PT), Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are helpful for their client. However, unless the reasons to support the co-treat are clearly documented, medical reviewers may see co-treatments as a negative factor, especially if they think this service delivery method is used to accommodate the therapists’ schedules, so therefore does not meet the person-centered needs of the client, or the rules for medical necessity.

This session will provide the evidence-based research to support why interdisciplinary treatment practices are clinically beneficial to the client, for improved clinical outcomes. For example, t significant research will be shared regarding the successful outcomes when physical activity tasks are offered simultaneously with cognitive tasks. Such Dual tasks are shown to produce greater outcomes than with single tasks, offered by a single discipline. Multiple sources of evidence will be cited to support the concept of challenging and teaching language, and cognition while performing physical tasks.

Contact Hours: 4
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate