Evaluation and Treatment of Low Back Injuries in Football Players


Course Description

Course Description:

Currently there are many approaches to managing low back pain in athletes. Some are modality based some are exercise based. Many articles suggest there is as at least some correlation between hamstring length, limited hip range of motion, gluteal weakness, lumbar instability, and lumbopelvic movement, as it relates to low back pain. Other articles suggest treatments based on spinal stabiliation exercises, dynamic lumbar strength exercises, Swiss ball exercises, and core stabiliation exercises are effective treatments in reducing low back pain. However, there are no current studies that correlate pelvic position and low back pain, to hip and lower extremity muscular tightness, to abdominal and gluteal weakness. The purpose of this course is to help professionals understand the correlation between low back pain and poor movement patterns casued by limited hip motion, poor pelvic position and weakness in the abdominal and lumbopelvic region. Furthermore, this course will help professionals understand the appropriate evaluation tools and proper course of treatment.

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