Differential Diagnosis of the Spine: Evidence Based Practice Approach to Expose Spinal Pain Imposters


Course Description

Course Description:

Delaying proper treatment due to poor diagnosis is detrimental to a patient's well being. The sooner a patient with a non musculoskeletal issue is referred to the correct practitioner, the sooner the patient will receive the best and most appropriate treatment. Join Debra Dent, BPT, Dip Manip Pt, OSC, FCAMPT, as she brings her near 40 years of experience together in this dynamic seminar to explore serious pathologies and diseases of the trunk and spine. 

Demonstration of appropriate physical tests and scans for the spine will be presented, along with the latest evidence in screening and physical testing. Explore evaluative processes to improve awareness of differential diagnosis and test results that might be performed by other health professionals. Walk away with thorough knowledge of appropriate treatments and screenings for patients with musculoskeletal issues.


Contact Hours: 5
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate