The SLP Toolbox


Course Description

Speech-Language Pathologists use a variety of strategies, tools and techniques to provide therapeutic exercise and improve safe swallow for our dyshagia patients. Some are inexpensive and easy to make in the therapy room while others are somewhat expensive.

This course looks at what is in our tool box and why! Our therapy program is based on many factors including information revealed from the bedside evaluation, instrumental assessments, and environmental factors that may be contributing to decreased or poor oral intake. A review will be presented of the muscles/nerves that are involved in the swallow and the functions that could be impaired based on the disease/disorder.

Recent literature will be presented looking at exercise, evidence based practice and positive outcomes. Therapy tools will be presented that can be made, tools to utilize to improve respiratory function, as well as sEMG, and electrical stimulation. Adaptive cups, straws and spoons will be reviewed as well as the rationale for their use with our patients.

This seminar-on-demand is 3 contact hours in length (check your state’s approval status in the state specific course catalog for your profession).

Contact Hours: 3
Video Course Format: Video
Target Audience:
Instructional Level: Intermediate