The Rotator Cuff Series: A Comprehensive Guide For Effective Rehabilitation


Course Description

Filmed at the prestigious Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida and exclusive to, “The Rotator Cuff Series: A Comprehensive Guide For Effective Rehabilitation” combines the skills and expertise of two highly qualified and talented sports physicians to present leading edge techniques and treatment plans for rotator cuff injuries. Dr. Paul Novakovich, an orthopedic surgeon at the prestigious Andrews Institute, and Dr.Robert McCabe, an APTA certified orthopedic specialist with fifteen years of clinical experience, offer an in-depth exploration of rotator cuff disorders, injuries and treatment options.

Although injuries to the rotator cuff most commonly occur in athletes and heavy laborers, they can and do occur in any person who participates in an activity that requires repetitive overhand motions. Injuries to the rotator cuff are more common later in life, but also aflict younger people. Older adults can injure the rotator cuff when they fall or place strain the shoulder from seemingly mundane activities such as walking the dog. When left untreated, a rotator cuff injury can cause severe pain and result in decreased mobility of the joint.

The series begins with a presentation of the key indicators of a rotator cuff tear and techniques for proper treatment before moving on to nonoperative treatment options and, finally, a thorough examination of factors that commonly affect rehabilitation following surgical treatment.

Initially taught individually at the prestigious Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida this exclusive series with Dr. Paul Novakovich and Robert McCabe presents an in-depth exploration of the potential risks and implications of the rotator cuff, and provides a comprehensive plan of attack for diagnosis, treatment and postoperative rehabilitation.

This series is ideal for any rehabilitation professional seeking to enhance their knowledge of rotator cuff conditions and treatments in all populations.

This Seminar-On-Demand is 2 hours 21 minutes in length (check your state’s approval status in the state specific course catalog for your profession).

Contact Hours: 2
Video Course Format: Video
Instructional Level: Advanced BOC Level of Difficulty: Advanced